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An online community and guide for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

Welcome to JBR AOE, a community to help players to access the game, whether that is in the form of practice games, or advice on how to improve. There will also be tournaments for different levels in different styles where everyone can join.

You can also find a wide variety of build orders and strategy guides here on the site, designed to help you improve as fast as possible!

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Hello, welcome to AoeGuide!
AoeGuide was made to give all Age of empires players the best experience possible when looking for ways on how to improve. There are a lot of sites out on the web that are supposed to fill this purpose but charge a subscription fee and are a lot harder to access, therefore we decided to help all the new and intermediate players for free instead. We love the game here at AoeGuide and would like nothing else than have new players come into our community and play with us, practise with us and share their thoughts on the game.

We are currently adding in a lot of content so if you have questions you can’t find answers to on the site we recommend that you join the discord via the link above and asked them there. We have a great and helpful community who are very interactive with anyone seeking advice.

If you are a new player starting out then we would recommend you to first of all take a look at the build order page and expand your knowledge from there, you can also ask others in the community for help and pointers and they will most likely explain how you should approach the game and might even watch you and give you pointers.

We love our community! Thank you guys <3

Simple guide on how to improve at Age of Empires

Step 1.

Build orders. If you are just starting out and you struggle with keeping up with your opponents advancing to the next age and army numbers both at the same time, you should start by learning build orders. They are the greatest way to earn an early advantage in the game by optimizing what your first villagers are doing and make sure that they are working for a specific purpose. But don’t misunderstand this and rule it out if you are an intermediate player, because everyone needs to polish their build orders, even our very own 1600+ players sit down and run through their build orders regularly just so that they don’t have any idle time and fall behind their opponent in the early stages of the game. So this is something everyone should do, only skip this if you already are doing this regularly.

Step 2.
Eco balance. Something that happened to me personally when i started playing was that i had a very unbalanced economy, floating a bunch of resources that i didn’t spend. This is actually also a part of the build order since they are made to give you just the resources you need to do what they are meant for, without you gathering resources you don’t need and therefore wasting precious villager time. While you practise your build orders it’s good to keep this in mind, and checking your resources every now and then to make sure that you don’t float 600 wood for example, and if you do then you know that you can spend this by dropping a load of farms and pull some villagers away from the woodline. Being effective with your resources is a very important part of the game and something you will gain a great advantage from, if you can be more efficient than your opponent.

Step 3.
Building your army. So your economy is good and your build orders are clean? Great! Moving on from here is knowing how to not waste resources by throwing units in bad fights, so read about what every unit excels at and avoid taking bad fights. Counter units are a big thing to age of empires and you really don’t want to kill your troops by running your Knights into a mass of Pikemen for example. Many think this is a simple part of the game and that they know this already, but it’s not as simple as it may seem, some units are hard to know how to counter and sometimes the counters are not what you expect them to be. Defending your base with Monks for example is something that can be a lot more efficient than Pikes if you are being attacked by Knights, and if you have Archers shooting at your woodlines, it can sometimes be a lot better to roll out a Mangonel than making 20 Skirms to fight them off.

Step 4.
Scouting. Some people would probably debate if this step should be higher up the list since scouting is so important, this is a strategy game and information is something that can help you pick the winning strategy. If you are not so proficient with your Scout yet and you just use the “auto scout” feature then its time to practise this. Go back and forth between your Scout and your base constantly and always keep the Scout moving, learn to check for your opponent’s resources and how their map looks, trying to spot vulnerable positions in your opponents base, and also try to understand what build/strategy they are going for. Doing this will ensure that you are ready for what is to come and helps you prepare so that you can take a good fight, or attack from a vulnerable angle.

Step 5.
Reading the map. The map is generated differently every game, and if you are good at scouting and covering the map with vision you can find the strong and weak positions of the map and work around that, finding extra neutral gold and stone can be very advantageous in a game. Also learn how hill’s work for your advantage/disadvantage and use that or avoid that so that you can take the best fights possible.

Step 6.
Micro and decision making. If you have mastered all the steps above and feel confident as a player, what you can do then is practise your micro. Micro is important when it comes to winning fights and not just sending your units into certain death. Adding to this point is that you shouldn’t take a bad fight just to show your sick micro skills if you can avoid it, the best players in the world rarely waste a single unit if they see that they can’t win the fight. Instead they keep their units alive and add a good complementary unit that counters the opponent or try to mass more of the units they already have so that they can take a good fight with minimal losses.

You are victorious